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How Work is a platform for sharing simulation models

What is a Simulation Model?

A simulation model is a replica of a real or an imaginary system on computer and is used to conduct experiments to create value. "Simulation" is a common term which is used in engineering, business, natural sciences, leisure, and many other disciplines. However, it means almost the same in all these disciplines; "Simulation mimics a phenomenon on computer, and is created for some purpose.

An electronics engineer builds a simulation model of the circuit he/she designed to test if it is functioning as intended. An astrophysicist builds a simulation model of the Big-Bang to understand what had happened afterwards. A computer game, say FIFA 2014 (a famous football game), is also a simulation model since it is a replica of a real, or an imaginary system, and is build to create enjoyment.

Simulation means ...

Simulation means a lot of things for a lot of people, and therefore it is best to narrow its meaning down whenever it is used. This web site is dedicated to simulation models in Operational Research/Management Science (OR/MS) context. “Simulation is the process of designing a model of a real system and conducting experiments with this model for the purpose either of
• understanding the behavior of the system or
• evaluating various strategies for the operation of the system.” (Shannon R.E., 1975).

Shannon R.E. (1975) Systems Simulation: The Art and Science. Prentice Hall. ISBN-13: 978-0138818395

How does work?

Within the OR/MS community, academics and practitioners build simulation models in many domains and most of these models are not “re-used”. Although there are plausible reasons for this, to some extent, simulation models can be re-used. is a platform for sharing simulation models.

It is a repository of simulation models for a number of simulation software.

Model Users

Model Users download simulation models

Registered users of can download any model from the repository (Note that models are uploaded by Model Builders). Model Users can browse and search for models with any words in models’ description. For example, a user can search for “hospital”, “emergency room”, “bank”, “road”, “supply chain”, “warehouse” etc. Or, models can be browsed by simulation software, for example by choosing Arena, or Simul8. welcomes models built in many simulation software.

model users

Model Builders

Model Builders upload (or download) simulation models.

Registered users of (registered as Model Builder) can upload their models to the repository. Uploaded models are published after an approval process (Note that models are approved by Model Reviewers). There are also models approved by simulation software vendors.

model builders

Model Reviewers

Model Reviewers review simulation models.

Registered users of (as Model Reviewer) can approve Model Builders’ models. Uploaded models are published after an approval process.

model reviewers

Simulation Models

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